The Good Daze is Hartley Waldrop's brick and mortar shop.  Located In Monroe, Louisiana - you can find vintage and retro clothing alongside goods from local makers and artists.

The Good Daze is a store like no other! When you walk into the store you are greeted with fun vintage clothing and decorations,  and an assortment of goods from local makers and artists. There truly is something for everyone at The Good Daze. The vibe we are creating inside the shop is a mix of happiness, uniqueness, and a welcomeness. Something my community was lacking!

In Northeast Louisiana there is not a place quite like The Good Daze. A place where you can experience nostalgia and to support the works of others. As a creative, my ultimate goal is to support others like myself. And that's what goes on at The Good Daze. There are many goods and works for sale from local artists in the shop-- artists like Daniel Myers, Kate Ashley, and Rae Tedeton to name a few. I want to have a sense of community in the shop so it will spread within our community.... and I'd like to say I have succeeded!

There was a hole in my local market -
and I filled it


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